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Forward: Five thousand years of Iraqi femininity..why?

Section one:Ancient Iraq ..or Sumerian- Akkadian period(Cuneiform period)

-preface : women’s role in this period

-Goddess in ancient Iraq -Emily Amal Porter – UK

-Ishtar goddess of femininity and life -Dr. Ali Al Qasimi/ Rabat

-The descendant of the goddess to the underworld -DR. Fadil Sudani /Copenhagen

-Sameramis a legend or reality -Maki Jasim/ Stockholm

Section two:Aramaic -Christian period

  -  preface: the occupation of homeland and the martyrdom of saint’s female

-The females in Hatra- Amal Porter/ Uk

-Female martyrs in Iraqi Christianity – Fatemma Saber Al Hilly/ Lebanon

-Sherin of Messan the Sassiness empress- Amera Aidan/ Baghdad

-Miriam the Mother of  Many(Babylonian prophet)-Khalid Baban/ Poland

-Hind The Nun and princess -Adel K. Al Faloji /Indonesia 


Section Three:The Arabic Islamic period

- preface: Islam -Arab culture and femininity

-The iniquity of historian toward Sujah an Iraqi women from Mousil- (Mesopotamia/ Damascus)

-Women in the life of Harron Al Rashed -Samira T. Al Fualy/ Waset

-Narjis The Christian mother of Imam Al mahdi- Zainab Al Samaraai/ Missan

-Rabeaa AL Adaweyah Iraqi saint -Sabiha Thweny/ Stockholm

-Turkish mothers and wives at the Abbasids palaces- prof. Akram Bamokachi /Ankara

-Iraqi femininity  and  the One Thousand and One Night /Mesopotamia /Geneva

Section four:The Dark Ages, Mongols and Ottoman period

-preface:yes there was a decadence,  but the Turks were not the reasons…

-The emotional story of the Italian explorer who kept his Baghdadi’s wife corps for four years- Mesopotamia /Baghdad

-The last letter from Shahyraban the Iraqi  women to her Husband Madhat Pasha in His exile in Taief -Nasrat Merdan/ Geneva

-Fadaa  and her  poems of agony and dignity-DR. Fadhil Al Saadony/ Baghdad

Section Five:Modern Times and the revival of Iraqi nation


- preface: modern Iraq and the search for forgotten femininity

Popular personalities

Al Mulayah a female professional mourner -Samaya Ganim Al Dabag /Canada

-Badji Dawlet A women rendered and depict the Turkmen’s folk lore heritage- Nasrat Murdan /Geneva


- About my life /Nazik AL Malayeka

-Women from my childhood from Tikret to Najaf - Farouk Saloum/ Baghdad

-“I am an Iraqi from Basra my ancestors are Arabs from Najad and Kurds from Sulaaimaniah” -Samira AL Manaa/ London

- MY mother Inspierd me  in creating  mothers characters in my novels - Muhsin Al Ramly /Spain

-A trio for my daughter Atyaf -Ali Al Sudani /Baghdad

Stars  from Mesopotamia

-Amina Al sader, women of literature - Aisha AL Sameraie/ Baghdad

-Lamea Abas Imara A Mesopotamian Mendaean poet -  Hayfa Al jader/ London

- Farida Mohammed Al Iraqi Maqam Diva-

          Nahreen Al Najafi / Mosil

 - Pioneers and creators  -Dr. Amer A. Yaser/ Baghdad

 From the nation

-Yazidi Women_ The princess Mian Khatoon and the Umayyad princess Wansa - Jorjet Habeb/ Basra

Artistic heritage

-Historical Fashion and local fashion for Iraqi women (Hana Sadiq Fashion designer creative and genuine )- Wedad Al Hilfi/ Baghdad


-Iraqi Divas – Mesopotamia/  Baghdad

-Female  Iraqi painters In Diaspora - Adnan Hussain Ahmed/ Amsterdam

-Female personality in Iraqi culture-  Khanzad Abdul latif/ Arbel

-Turkmenian women of literature  - Adila Al Tel laafari/ Diala

Featured Character

  -The Woman of the Flask -(Selim MATAR – Genčve)

Topic:Women’s right and marital life in the Iraqi society

Part one - Law and tradition;- Dr. Amal Aochi, Mohammed Madlom, Kazioh Salih, women freedom association

Part two-The temporary marriage (usufruct marriage contracted for a specified time and exclusively for the purpose of sexual pleasure.- Ali abudul Amir, Awatif Abdul Hammed, The Cestany, Arabic Net, Jamal Al Bana, Ibrahim Al Jundy, Al Zendani, Al Sharq Al Awsat, Saad Al Hameed