A true Iraqi is defined not by his descent and origin, but by his love for Iraq, its

people, land and history




A Cultural Periodical Dedicated to the Revival of National Identity


Published by the Center for Studies on the Iraqi Nation


Editor:  Salim Matar

Secretary: Nasrat MARDAN

Translator: Marguerite Gavillet

Baghdad Bureau Manager: Tariq kamil


Advisory body

Amal Emily Porter

Ishtar Al Barazanji

Dr. Ali Thwany

Mohammad Mazlum

Amira Edan

Hussein Almozanu

Adnan Hussein Ahmed

Samira Almani

Dr.Fadil sodani

Mona saied Attahir



Priliminary Designer and photo selector: Salim MATAR

Covers designer  : Karim Farhan

Corel designer: Meead Al-Nidawi


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- The love for the homeland and the return to reality (Selim Matar / Geneva)

- Spring festival (Nawruz): holiday of the Iraqi Nation (MESOPOTAMIA / Geneva)


- Regional and tribal bonds: their role in the formation of modern Iraq: al-Anbar as an example (Majid Shubbar /UK)

Art Heritage

- Taziya (Tashabih): Iraqi passion play (Fadil Assoudani / Denmark)

- Calligraphy was born in Baghdad (Ibrahim Azziyadi / Baghdad)

Popular Heritage

- Kirkuk cooking: symbol of unity and diversity in the culture of society ( Tawfiq Altonchi / Denmark)


- I am Iraqi, my father is English ( Amal Porter / UK)

- Ahmad Hashim al-Allousy: an eccentric Iraqi contributor to the founding of modern Turkish poetry ( Nasrat Mardan / Geneva)

- Afifa Iskandar: the sad voice of Iraq ( Muhammad Mazloum / Damascus)


- Sumerian, Akkadian and Aramaic  origins of some Iraqi words ( Hossam Qaddouri Abed, Prof. in Al-Wasit University)

- The Turkoman language and computer assisted translation (Salam Ibrahim Kubba / Baghdad)


- Christian convents in Iraq: structures not to be destroyed by terror  (Rashid Al-Khayoun / UK)

Ethnic Groups

- Al-Filia: Iraqis since thousands of years ( Dr Ali Thwany / Sweden)

Literary Heritage

- The Epic of Gilgamesh in past and contemporary Western culture ( Dr Admir Guriya, Syrian Prof. / US)

- Abu Nuwas and the other religions ( Dr Adnan Al-Zahir / Germany)

- Cultural, social and political features of the city of Basrah from the tales of One Thousand and One Nights ( Dr Muhammad Abdulrahman Younes, Syrian Prof.  Lattaqia)

- Woman in the poetry of Mullah Abboud Al-Karkhi ( Youssouf Thwany Thamir / Sweden)

Personalities in History

- Grand Imam Abu Hanifa Al-Noaman: Honest and ascetic life (Hayfa Jassim / Missan)

- Imam Abu Al-Qassim Al-Khoe: an Azerbaijani who belonged to Iraq ( Ahmad Uthman / Tallafa)


- Ahwaz: At a loss between Iraqihood and Iranianhood (Sana Jassim Al-Kaabi / Al-Ahwaz)



Principles of non-violence and contemporary Iraq

- The call for non-violence in the holy Koran (Muhammad Al-Husayni Al-Sherazi / Iran)

-  Does Iraq need a new Mahatma? ( Isam Al-Baghdadi / Thailand)

- The Uprising of 1948 in Iraq (Ishtar Al-Barazanchy / Finland)

- The peaceful resistance is gaining momentum among Palestinians (Dani Rubinstein / Israel Palestine)

- The concept of non-violence in modern History (Thierry Paquot / France)

- The new civil disobedience through the web (Hisham Sulaiman)

- We do not want a new Afghanistan (Muhammad Al-Rashidy / Amman)